True Indies Day 2021

Two years ago I had the idea for True Indies Day, and put it together in just a week. Over 40 film festivals participated. Of course, that seems like a million years ago.

This year, we have 7 film festivals competing. Unfortunately many festivals, mine included, are not open for submissions right now, due to the timing of when our festivals are. There WILL be another True Indies Day in the spring. In the meantime, enjoy these seven discounts.

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Film Festival Waivers For
South By Southwest Accepted Filmmakers

As I’m sure you already know, South By Southwest 2020 has been cancelled due to fears of the Coronavirus. As devastating as it is for SXSW, and the city of Austin, it is also horrible news for all of the filmmakers who were planning to play there. On top of the disappointment of not being able to screen at SXSW, they are (probably) out all of the money they have put into airfare, lodging and publicity materials for the festival.

As film festivals, we want to try to help offset some of the disappointment by offering free festival submissions for films that were scheduled to screen at South By Southwest.

I’ve compiled this list of film festivals that are interested in offering waivers for films that were originally scheduled to screen at the 2020 SXSW:

Festivals: If you’d like to join the list of festivals offering discounts, please E-mail me at

On December 6th, 1999 over 40 film festivals from around the world offered 20% off of submission fees.

The spreadsheet of True Indies Day discounts.


If you’re looking for info on film festivals in the United States, the Film Festival Database should be your first stop.